Gale Databases “Listen” Option

One of the many valuable things that I learned in the EREC Database Training Sessions

is that most of the Gale databases that we have offer the “Listen” option, where you

can have the article read to you. . When you get to an article that you want to read you’ll see

Listen  below the title of the article and above its content:

Emancipation Proclamation (1863)

Dictionary of American History , 2003

Each word of the article will be highlighted as it is being read to you. Also,
you can limit what you want read to you to just an excerpt of the article.
If you use mouse to highlight and copy just the portion of the text that
you want read, only that portion will be read to you. The databases that offer
this option are:
Biography in Context
US History in Context
World History in Context
Literature Resource Center
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Science in Context
The only Gale database that I found that doesn’t offer this option is
the Business and Company Resource Center.