Do Two Searches and Call Me in the Morning

There’s a new POWER Library database that’s worth knowing about.  Recently, the state replaced Consumer Health Complete with Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Health & Wellness Resource Center is billed as providing “authoritative information on the full range of health related issues, from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage of alternative medical practices.”  The database is more than 75% full text and includes articles from medical journals, general interest resources, and reference works.  There is also a directory for locating health clinics, dialysis centers, and other health-related organizations.  Partnering with Healthology and HealthDay, the database also offers physician-authored articles, videos, and current reports from Consumer Health News.

As a Gale “Resource Center” the interface has some familiar elements, but check out this Tip Sheet for help using the database.

For more details visit the product information page; access a recorded tutorial webinar or guided tutorials for this and other Gale databases.

To your health,