Do you ever get frustrated with ebooks?

Do you ever get frustrated with ebook hardware, software, compatibility, apps, uploads, downloads, DRM, licensing, etc?  You might enjoy this Librarian in Black blog post (warning: includes expletives):

I’m breaking up with eBooks (and you can too)

August 1, 2012

I want to break up with eBooks.  Don’t get me wrong, eBooks is dead sexy and great arm candy at parties, as well as a magnet for attention and memorable experiences. But man… eBooks makes for a crap boyfriends. The relationship is as dysfunctional as it gets…

Want to read more?  Here’s the whole post.

Mary Lee (Northland)

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  1. Suzi (Northland)

    Agreed!! The 220% price increase by Hachette? I’m SO over you, ebooks. And I wasn’t even really interested to start with.

  2. Muldowney, Tom

    Very Funny!

    Tom Muldowney Librarian Reference Services/Substitute Pool Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh ________________________________________

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