INFOTRAC Newsstand Offers Local Newspapers!

The INFOTRAC Newsstand database offers full-text coverage of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Users can now limit their searches in a variety of ways that the newspapers websites do not offer.

To limit to these local papers, follow the steps below:Picture1

1. Go to the INFOTRAC Newsstand database
2. Click on the Advanced Search option
3. Type the word Pittsburgh into the “by publication title” field and click on the source you would like to search after it pops up in the drop-down menu.

 NOTE: you CANNOT type the name of the newspaper, you MUST click and select the newspaper title when it appears. The search will yield zero results if you type it in manually.


INFOTRAC Newsstand has index and full-text coverage for the Post-Gazette from April 25th 2000 to the present and for the Tribune-Review from November 28th 2006 to the present.

Rob (Bethel Park)