eResource Challenge Warm Up!

Eager to get started with the ACLA eResource Challenge?  We’ve developed some warm-up challenges to keep you busy while we put the teams together.  Today’s warm-up will cover databases.  Later this week we’ll switch our focus to downloadables.

For this warm-up we’ll be utilizing our history resources. You’ll find the scenario below.  For the official challenges we will also include a link that will take you step-by-step through answering the challenge.  For the warm-up, though, feel free to share any tips or observations in the comments below.

The question is just a guide. Use it as a starting point to explore the resources. Your responses can be brief, include bullet points, incomplete sentences, whatever is easiest for you.

The Scenario:
A patron calls the library and says, “I was listening to the radio the other day and they were discussing the countries in Europe after World War I. They were well into the discussion, and the program was almost over so I was only half paying attention to it. I could swear someone mentioned something like the ‘Pittsburgh Agreement,’ but that seems impossible. What would something called the ‘Pittsburgh Agreement’ have to do with Europe after WWI? Can you help me figure out if I heard correctly?

Search for information using World History in Context and/or U.S. History in Context.  What did you discover? How easy was it to find an answer? If you tried the search in both databases, which would you recommend, and why? Do you have any tips for making the search easier?

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