eResource Challenge Warm-Up 2

Now that you’ve tackled a warm-up database question, let’s move on to downloadables.

We actually have several for you to choose from.  Feel free to take on one or all of them!  We’ll give you one tip: one of the questions will help you answer another question.  (CLP staff who participated in the CLP vs. FLP eResource Challenge: these will look familiar.)

Question 1: Complete the following tasks on our OverDrive site: Search for an available ebook or audiobook in your favorite genre or subject area. Then, check the title out, choosing a 7-day loan period. Tell us the title you checked out and which OverDrive formats we own it in (EPUB, KINDLE, MP3, etc.). Did you find a way to narrow your search to available items?

Question 2: A young woman stops by the desk and asks whether she can check out and download an OverDrive ebook for her Kindle while in the library. What do you tell her?

Question 3: As an alternative to the standard method for retrieving Kindle books (using a browser to check out and deliver the book to a Kindle via Wi-Fi), some patrons might opt to download the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) App to their Kindle Fire. Using the OverDrive Help pages, detail the steps required to download the OMC App to a Kindle Fire (an Android-based device). What might the advantages or disadvantages of using the OMC App on the Kindle Fire be?

Question 4: What steps can you suggest to a customer who receives an “Unable to acquire license” error when trying to open an OverDrive ebook?

Question 5: A patron calls the reference desk and asks if he needs a computer to download a book to his phone. What is your response?

As with the last warm-up, it is not a requirement to provide us with your answers, but feel free to post your responses in the comment section below.  Once the official Challenge begins the questions will include a link to follow to submit your response.

Stay tuned for information about your team assignment!