eResource Challenge Teams Announced!

The 2013 ACLA eResource Challenge teams have been formed!  Teams are composed of staff at all levels from all across the county: from pages to library directors, from South Park to Northland.

A few things to know:

  • Since this isn’t a library vs. library or region vs. region challenge, we did our best to mix up the teams as much as possible.  We tried not to have more than one person from a library or department on the same team.
  • We heartily endorse friendly taunting among co-workers.
  • Most teams are made up of ten members.  Three have nine members.  That difference will be factored into the participation calculations.
  • Some EREC and Downloadables Committee members are on teams. Their responses will count towards team participation, but they are not eligible to win individual prizes.
  • We’ll be sending each team an email so you will have contact information for your entire team.  Once you receive your email, please take a minute to introduce yourself to your teammates.
  • Your team is there to help encourage you to participate, but you can also consider them your personal resource for questions you find particularly challenging.
  • It’s important to remember which team you are on.  You will need to include this information every time you submit a Challenge response.  Don’t forget, the team with the highest rate of participation will be named ACLA eResource Challenge Champs and win bragging rights!

Check for your team here: ACLA eResource Challenge Teams 2013

We’re looking forward to the first Challenge tomorrow!

The EREC & ACLA Downloadables Committee

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