eResource Challenge Week 1 – Databases

Welcome to the first challenge!   You’ll find the scenario for the exercise below, along with a link that will take you step by step through the challenge.  From there you will find links to the resources and questions to respond to based on the scenario.

Don’t forget, the questions are just a guide. Use them as a starting point to explore the resources. Your responses can be brief, include bullet points, incomplete sentences, whatever is easiest for you.

The Scenario:

A college student approaches you and says, “We’re studying Willa Cather in my Lit class. Our teacher said she lived in Pittsburgh for a while and offered extra credit if we can find the following:  10 points for finding a street she lived on in Pittsburgh and 10 points for finding an article that talks about Cather’s literary development while in Pittsburgh. 

Follow this link to complete the challenge.

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