eResource Challenge Week 1 – Downloadables

Before we get to the challenge, we want to address some confusion that more than one participant experienced in trying to complete the first challenge.  Several people emailed asking where to submit their response.  The link at the bottom of the post will take you to a SurveyMonkey.  The scenario will be provided again and you should submit your response in the text box below the scenario.  The SurveyMonkey will also provide direct links to the resources you will use to answer the questions.

Now, on to the challenge!

Today we’ll tackle the first downloadables challenge.  This one will highlight what we feel is a great new feature of the Next Generation Catalog (NGC) the eiN is working on.

The Challenge:

In the NGC, search for your favorite genre then limit to the OverDrive READ format and available copies.  Pick a title and go through the checkout process.  Once the book is checked out, go through the process of returning the book, but don’t leave the NGC!

Follow this link to complete the challenge.

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