eResource Challenge Wrap-Up: The Winners!

We hope you all feel like winners for participating in the first ACLA eResource Challenge.  Everyone gets the prize of knowing more about our county-wide electronic resources.  We did, however, promise actual prizes, and we have randomly drawn winners for the three grand prizes (Google Nexus tablets) and the participation prizes for one member of each team (a $10 gift card).  We’ve also compiled the results and can announce which team will get bragging rights!

Our three grand prize winners are:

  • Leah D. – CLP – Downtown & Business
  • Karen H. – Shaler North Hills
  • Kathy B. – Community Library of Allegheny Valley

The individual team member prizes go to:

  • Mk D. (CLP) – The Aggregators
  • Suzi W. (Northland) – The Annotation Annihilators
  • Elizabeth S. (Mt. Lebanon) – Authority Control
  • Debbie B. (Shaler) – Bibliographic Bruisers
  • Marie J. (Shaler) – Boolean Blasters
  • Karen B. (CLP) – Classification Crushers
  • Whitney W. (Northland) – Copyright Defenders
  • Mindy D. (Monroeville) – Database Devourers
  • Stephanie A. (Carnegie Library of McKeesport) – Dewey Decimators
  • Mary P. (CLP) – Free-source Fanatics
  • Tracey O. (Brentwood) – Full Text Exterminators
  • Joelle K. (CLP) – Information Domination
  • Amy E. (CLP) – Information Mavens
  • Linda R. (Shaler) – MARCWreckers
  • Caroline H. (Shaler) – Metadata Maulers
  • Terry L. (CLP) – Raging Ranganathans
  • Rachel S. (CLP) – Reference Renegades
  • Morgan S. (CLP) – Shelf Bleeders
  • Pam F. (Pleasant Hills) – Shushinators
  • BrieAnn A (Northern Tier) – The Special Collection
  • Theresa W. (Shaler) – Tough Cutters
  • Jeanne N. (CLP) – Wiki-Whackers

We’ll be getting in touch with each of the winners to coordinate prize delivery.

As for bragging rights, The Wiki-Whackers dominated this eResource Challenge!  They had a participation rate of nearly 100%! Team members included Kristin M. (Brentwood), Debra S. (CLAV), Leah D. (CLP), Jeanne N. (CLP), Suzy W. (CLP), Lauren Z. (CLP), Cindy R. (Mt. Lebanon), Betty K. (Shaler), Joy H. (Shaler), and Bob M. (Wilkinsburg).  CONGRATULATIONS Wiki-Whackers!

Other teams with impressive participation include The Aggregators, Bibliographic Bruisers, Classification Crushers, Metadata Maulers, and the Tough Cutters.  Authority Control and the Free-Source Fanatics weren’t too far behind either.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated!

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