OverDrive Launches New Help Site.

Still looking for help in assisting patrons, particularly new users, in using the OverDrive platform?

OverDrive has launched a fresh help site with new features.

overdrive help1

It’s easier to get started.

From the home page, you can click on any of the quick links to see a list of articles pertaining to a particular category.

On each of these quick link category pages, the content is shown by device or platform, and each has its own drop-down menu.

Under each drop-down, you’ll see a list of pertinent articles.

It’s easier to navigate.

There is persistent navigation to help you find what you need no matter where you are on the site. Across the top, you’ll see links to the four main landing pages for help.

  • Home/Quick links: This is the landing page, where you’ll find quick links to popular categories and a large search bar.
  • Videos: The videos will show up in search results and you can get straight to any series right from the navigation menu.
  • Devices: This replaces the Device Resource Center.
  • Articles: This page is a list of articles sorted by topic

overdrive help2

It’s easier to understand compatibility.

The new device profiles quickly and clearly spell out what and how to use OverDrive materials on each device.

overdrive help3

It’s easier to use on a mobile device.

The new help website is fully responsive. That way, no matter what size screen you’re using, you’ll find the help you need with a minimal amount of fuss.

It’s easier to see how things work.

The new help videos landing page lets you pick which videos you want to watch, from any series, without having to scroll down a page or open a new tab.

overdrive help4

It’s really easier.

There’s a new troubleshooting section that’s organized by platform. Overdrive is continually adding new content and updating the existing troubleshooting materials with a focus on adding specific error codes. Take a look at see what you think.

Karen S. (Northland)


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