Double the Mango!

As we are only too aware, libraries can only house a limited number of language-learning CDs and DVDs. Recently a patron asked me for a course in Czech. Unsurprisingly, that was a language we didn’t have on our audio shelves. Fortunately, I was able to direct him to Mango Languages.

Mango offers language courses in 63 languages. It also supports ESL learners with 18 different native languages.

And now, Mango has been improved with 1000+ hours of interactive language learning! The content of over 40 language courses has doubled in size—totaling 10 new chapters for each language.  For details about which languages have expanded check out this list from Mango.

Little Pim on LaptopAdd to that the August 1st launch of Little Pim, a language-learning program for kids offering ten language options, and our patrons of all ages will be greeting us in Spanish, German, or Czech in no time!

If your library needs help in spreading the word about Mango or Little Pim, there are website tools and other promotional materials at:


Lynne (Sewickley)

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Comics & Graphic Books in OverDrive

Recently I set a new goal for myself — I’m trying to mention at least one Library eResource during every readers’ advisory interaction.

I haven’t been quite sure what resource to highlight during interactions with patrons who like comic books and graphic novels.  Today I remembered that OverDrive has graphic content!

It’s super easy to find.  You can either do a search for “comic and graphic books” in the simple search box:

Overdrive search

or go to the Advanced Search page and select “comic and graphic books” in the Subject drop down box:

overdrive advanced

There is a nice variety of materials available, including how to draw titles.  OverDrive’s selection runs the gamut from Jeffrey Brown‘s funny and embarrassing autobiographical comics

to Gothic drama manga

to strange superhero tales

to novels with graphic elements like James Patterson’s Middle School series.


Happy reading and recommending!
– Kelly, CLP – Main, Teen


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Go to the Movies with IndieFlix

Beat the summer heat with a few good films!  The next time you’re sweaty, tired, and bored, take a second and check out  IndieFlix.  This unique, one-of-a-kind movie database give you access to the newest international and award nominated films from countries all over the world.  Plus, hundreds of festivals are featured on the database, allowing you a front-row seat to titles that debuted at Cannes, SXSW, Sundance, and more.  No waitlists, instant streaming to most devices (including Roku & XBox, and no cost!  You get the best and brightest that Hollywood has to offer without ever leaving your air conditioning!

IndieFlix is currently available to patrons at Moon Township Public Library, South Fayette Public Library, Peters Township Public Library, and Mount Lebanon Public Library.


~ Heather P, Moon Township Public Library

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