Music recording contracts (and other legal forms) made simple

Exif JPEGDon’t have the correct legal form at your library? Use our new county-wide resource Law Depot

Law Depot is a handy resource brought to you by RB Digital who provides OneClick Digital and Zinio magazines.  Access Law Depot through or through the CLP website.  Legal forms are grouped under one of six categories:  Estate, Real Estate, Financial, Business, Family, & Other.  Users fill out legal forms through a wizard-type tool which asks for the state of residence so that the form is then customized as it’s completed.  Law Depot should save your library collection some wear and tear and provide more accurate forms because state laws are taken into consideration.  Customer support is available through live chat, phone and email.  Just think… now your son or daughter, brother or sister, etc. can put out their garage band’s first CD  with the Music Recording Contract. Always look on the bright side of life and legal agreements I say.  But there are many basic forms in this resource: from Last Will and Testaments to Separation Agreements to LLC Agreements.  Law Depot is not a substitute for a lawyer but for many purposes it’s perfectly suitable for creating a legal doc.

Cooper-Siegel Community Library

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