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The Digital Resources Committee, formerly EREC, has redesigned the current county databases landing page at .  We hope the page is more user friendly and intuitive for patrons, better designed for mobile devices.

We are looking for your feedback on the redesigned page BEFORE the site goes live.  Please add any feedback and suggestions to the comments section of this blog post.  We are asking for all feedback on or before Friday, November 7th.  Or you can email me at

Currently the page can only be accessed from within the library.  If you are not in a library this link will not work.

Here is the link:


P.S. Don’t forget about eResource Challenge Lite, coming November 1st.

Dustin, Sewickley

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  1. Whitney

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. I did noticed the subjects listed on the left side before I noticed the subject headings across the top of the webpage. Could you make the subject heading text stand out from the rest of the page by changing the font size, style or color?

    2. Could you consider moving the search box from the bottom left to the top right side of the page?

    3. Could you consider moving the “Databases A-Z” link and the “Subjects” box closer together on the far left side of the page instead of placing an additional, non-related box between them?

    Thank you!

  2. Christy

    * Overall, this is so much nicer — I like the logos and the separation of subjects into their own pages with the A-Z option.
    * I like the white space, but there is possibly too much between listings, which still requires a good bit of scrolling.
    * I find that I keep wanting to click the Library Card image. Maybe if there was one clickable red image for “Remote Access with Library Card” and another to simply designate that it was a library-funded resource for in-library use only (such as Ancestry), the Remote Access words could be eliminated?

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