Bookshelf Bamboozlement – My Most Frequent Overdrive Question

As Tech “Guru” at my library, I get all the Overdrive questions, and the most frequent one is this: “I have the book on my bookshelf, but it won’t let me read it!” I get this question at least a few times a week, as I’m sure many of you do as well.

Here’s how I answer it: “I know – it’s confusing, but there are TWO bookshelves. One is on your online account, showing you what you have checked out, but not yet downloaded. The other is in the App itself, with titles you have downloaded and can read.” Once I explain this, there more often than not seems to be a light-bulb moment, and the patron changes from frustrated Overdrive attempter to savvy Overdrive user. Two bookshelves – who knew?

“Online” Bookshelf:


“App” Bookshelf:


In future, perhaps Overdrive could rename one of the bookshelves – I suggest “Checkouts” on the online cart and “Bookshelf” on the App itself. Until then, this is the best way I have found to explain to patrons this constant conundrum. If you have found another good way to resolve the “two bookshelf” question, please share it!

Heather Blake – Western Allegheny Community Library

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Siyo! Tsalagis hiwonisgi? *

Have your patrons mastered Spanish, Italian and Pirate in Mango Languages? Challenge them to Mango’s newest language – Cherokee- a beautiful and endangered language (there are only 16,000 native speakers worldwide). The course was developed in partnership with the Cherokee Nation and the Tulsa City-County Library.

Mango has tweets, newsletter blurbs and other promotional materials ready for your library to promote Cherokee language learning at

*[Hi! Do you speak Cherokee?]




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OneClickdigital is getting a makeover!

A popular eResource will be getting an update to make finding titles easier for patrons.  OneClickdigital will be getting an update next Tuesday, February 10.  The site will be down for approximately 1 hour at 11 pm, so unfortunately you won’t be able to check out any books late at night that day! Be sure to get in your late night browsing before 11 pm.

OneClickdigital has thousands of audiobooks available right away with no waiting.  OneClick is available on Macs, PCs and on iOS (Apple) or Andorid apps.

Some books available right now on OneClick include: The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness, Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler and thousands more!

What the upgrade will entail is the following:

  • A new simplified user interface
  • It will have optimized display on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • The only aspect of the service that is changing is the OneClickdigital website and how a patron finds content on the site.
    • The checkout, download process and the mobile apps will remain the same

Below are some screenshots of how the new interface will look:

one click

oneclick 2


Pam R. – Baldwin Borough Public Library

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eResource Challenge Lite #4

It’s time for another eResource Challenge!  Before we get to this month’s scenario, let’s wrap up the last one.  All of the responses to the challenge were thorough and informative.  If you’re a little nervous about helping patrons with investing resources it’s worth a quick look at the comments.  They will give you a good sense of some of the best tools for investment research within Morningstar and some of our other resources.  Lastly, congratulations to Mindy D., the winner of eResource Challenge Lite #3!

And now, this month’s challenge:

A patron who loves to read fantasy comes into the library. She asks you for some recommendations and a list of some of the best fantasy for the past year. She also wants to find new authors to read because none of her favorites are publishing anything new at the moment.

You know that NoveList is a great resource for finding read-alikes.  How would you go about your search? What tools does NoveList have to help you and your patron stay on top of what’s new in fantasy?  What are some of your other favorite reader’s advisory resources?

Leave your responses in the comments section below by Friday, February 6th to be eligible for a prize!

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