eResource Challenge Lite #4

It’s time for another eResource Challenge!  Before we get to this month’s scenario, let’s wrap up the last one.  All of the responses to the challenge were thorough and informative.  If you’re a little nervous about helping patrons with investing resources it’s worth a quick look at the comments.  They will give you a good sense of some of the best tools for investment research within Morningstar and some of our other resources.  Lastly, congratulations to Mindy D., the winner of eResource Challenge Lite #3!

And now, this month’s challenge:

A patron who loves to read fantasy comes into the library. She asks you for some recommendations and a list of some of the best fantasy for the past year. She also wants to find new authors to read because none of her favorites are publishing anything new at the moment.

You know that NoveList is a great resource for finding read-alikes.  How would you go about your search? What tools does NoveList have to help you and your patron stay on top of what’s new in fantasy?  What are some of your other favorite reader’s advisory resources?

Leave your responses in the comments section below by Friday, February 6th to be eligible for a prize!

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