Medline Plus: It Just Got Better

Today, MedlinePlus ( and MedlinePlus en español ( released a redesigned site with a fresh look and feel.

 The new version of MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español uses responsive web design for ease of use on any device, whether that is a desktop monitor or mobile touchscreen.  Responsive pages automatically change their layout to fit your screen.  See our announcement page for more details.

 Because this latest release enables all users to access a layout of optimized for their device, there is no longer a need for the separate mobile ( sites.  These sites are now retired; visitors to them will be redirected to the new version of

 We invite you to try out MedlinePlus’s full responsive design on your smartphone, tablet or desktop at and  Take a tour of the redesigned site at (also available in Spanish).  Please send us your feedback and comments about the new design via the Contact Us link that appears on every MedlinePlus page.

~Ann Andrews
Cooper-Siegel Community Library