New Look for Gale Databases

In April, Gale announced enhancements to the Gale Virtual Reference Library, which includes the “In Context” products (Biography in Context, Opposing Viewpoints, Science in Context, and U.S. History and World History in Context) and the Literature Resource Center.

These upgrades improve usability for desktop and mobile researchers, increase accessibility for users with disabilities like low vision or blindness, and create a common user experience across the most popular Gale products. The improvements include:

  • Optimization of mobile content for any screen size and any device
  • Improved workflow through placement and labeling of navigation elements
  • Increased accessibility through high-contrast banners and buttons
  • Better presentation of page content
  • Introduction of easily recognized icons.

If you haven’t used these databases lately, please check out the new look and navigation.

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Mary Lee Hart. Northland.