Better Book Discovery Tools in NoveList

We all use NoveList to find what title comes next in a series, but did you know there are new, rather fun browse features, “Browse by Genre” and “Browse by Appeal,” to help you find that next book to match your, and your patron’s, personal reading styles?

Try out the “Appeal Mixer” found on the “Browse by Appeal” page.

Image of NoveList Appeal Mixer

Are you in the mood for a particular style or mood?  There are some popular combos already there, for instance, something light and heartwarming, or something sweeping and dramatic.  But, you can also mix you own factors and limit by an age group. Examples of appeal factors include:

  • Character (e.g. character duos, flawed, quirky, etc.) NEW!
  • Storyline (e.g. action-packed, character-driven, sweeping, etc.)
  • Pace (e.g. fast-paced, leisurely paced, etc.)
  • Tone (e.g. bleak, funny, sarcastic, etc.)
  • Writing Style (e.g. descriptive, gritty, lyrical, etc.)
  • Illustration (e.g. cartoony, impressionistic, realistic, etc.)
  • Audio Characteristics (e.g. folksy, energetic, read by the author, etc.)

You can also download a copy of the pamphlet The Secret Language of Books: A Guide to Appeal which can help you have conversations with patrons about why they like the kind of books they do, and how to find similar books.

Take note: The top menu bar of NoveList has been redesigned. You’ll find the “Browse By” tab there to get to the new browse features. Take a look at the options in the “Quick Links” tab. You’ll see frequently used sections like book discussion guides or author read-alikes. Use the “How Do I?” tab to take you to help pages which are actually very helpful!

novelist menu bar

Try out the new Novelist features soon and you just may help a patron find their new favorite book they didn’t even know they were looking for!

Helen (USC)