Gale LegalForms are Here!


Introduce your patrons to Gale LegalForms.   This new resource is replacing LawDepot.  It provides access to hundreds of easy-to-use, authentic, legal documents broken down by subject area.  Patrons can use these forms to create wills, powers of attorney, landlord tenant forms, bills of sale, contracts and much more.    Also, Gale provides step-by-step  guidance that helps patrons confidently address their legal issues.  Forms are drafted by attorneys and are customized to Pennsylvania law.

Gale LegalForms information resources also include:

  • Legal Definitions
  • Law Digest
  • Legal Q & A
  • Attorney Directory
  • Sample Letters

There are external links to the Department of Transportation and vehicle services forms, IRS, PA State tax forms, and Vital Records forms.

Check out this great new resource and encourage your patrons to use it!


By Lisa DeLucia, Upper St. Clair Library