Browsing hoopla for children’s media is easy now

If you haven’t already explored it (and especially if parents have been asking) you should check out the new hoopla KIDS MODE, a setting that allows individuals to browse only materials created for children. It allows parents and children to discover all the great hoopla kids’ content, with one swipe. No more wasted time—and no more stumbling across titles like You Are a Badass, American Swing, or Sh*tty Mom that might create confusion or consternation.

Instead, you’ll see audiobooks, movies, music, comics, ebooks, and television shows just for kids.



This isn’t a separate portal, as in OverDrive. It’s an account setting that can be turned on and off easily. And the instructions are simple (really).

To use:  Click on your account (your email address) in the upper right side of the screen to access your profile.  Change the KIDS MODE toggle to on.   Be sure to click the Update button (in the lower left).



To return to unrestricted browsing: In your account, change the KIDS MODE toggle to off and update.  Note:  This affects the device on which you are browsing ONLY, not the account.

All content shown while in Kids Mode has been deemed suitable by hoopla for children up to 12 years of age.

To get started, go to Hoopla Digital.


Lisa Dennis/CLP