OverDrive – Tips & Tricks

As much as I use OverDrive both personally and helping patrons, I find myself still discovering more ways to have a better experience with OverDrive. Here are a few that may be of use to you and your patrons.

  • IMG_1851OverDrive History: On certain devices in the OverDrive app, under your menu there is a section that is “History.” This feature only keeps track of your history with OverDrive on that specific device.  Additionally you can delete these titles off and remove them from your history two different ways: 1. Under the history tab, you can select different titles and remove them individual or all at once. 2. Under the Settings Tab, you can select clear device history.  According to the OverDrive help page, OverDrive does not have access to your history and it is only for your personal use.
  • Filter by Subject: Often when I am assisting a patron with Capture
    OverDrive, they just want to browse as opposed to searching for a specific author or title.  On the left-hand side of the page there is a way to filter by subject.  While this fields a lot of results, it is an easy way for patrons to have a more specific browsing experience and may help to jog their memory of a title or author they would like to investigate further.  Another way you can filter by subject is at the top of the page, clicking the “View More…” link, sends you to a list of different subjects as well.  While there are a number of ways to help patrons browse on OverDrive, these two are incredibly user-friendly and ones they can do easily on their own.

Pam Calfo – Baldwin

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