Why Song Sample When You Can Album Indulge?

Have you ever heard the latest big hit and wanted to buy the full album, but weren’t sure if it would be the only good song on the whole thing? (It happens…a lot.) Some websites like Amazon let you sample a few seconds of each song, but even that’s not enough to say if you’ll really like it. My solution? HOOPLA! They have the latest and greatest FULL albums available for free checkout. I use it every time I’m considering buying a CD, and then if I do buy it, while I’m waiting for my copy to come in the mail, I listen to it on Hoopla again…and again! If you haven’t tried Hoopla for music, believe me it’s well worth it. And you’ll never get stuck with a one-hit-wonder album again…

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Heather Blake, Western Allegheny Community Library