Happy Health Hunting!

So we all worry about our health – yes, even patrons! Consumer Health Complete is one of the health databases that as an ACLA library your patrons can use to learn more about their health concerns. Consumer Health Complete has reports, images, diagrams, news, magazines and even videos.


You know that you can trust the information that your patrons are receiving from Consumer Health Complete because this database complies with HONcode standards (which honestly should make you feel so much better than watching your patrons googling their health problems).


Consumer Health Complete also allows your patrons access to both medical dictionaries and encyclopedias. There are even guides to both prescription and nonprescription drugs so patrons are better informed about their well being in as many areas as possible.


Consumer Health complete does offer an advance search feature that is easy to use for those interested in narrowing their medical searches.


Now that you know more about Consumer Health Complete you can better assist your patrons when they are trying to better understand their health concerns!

Happy Healthy Hunting!


Northland Public Library