OverDrive Updates

Have a hard time keeping up with all the changes that take place on OverDriver? Don’t worry! Now there is an easier way to see what is going on and to also inform your patrons!

At the top of the OverDrive Page (or also on the OverDrive App), there is a link, Recent Updates.  This is found above the link to “My Account.”

recent updates

Clicking on the Recent Updates link, redirects you to the recent changes OverDrive has made.  This page lists the recent updates, starting with the most current update.

An example of an update includes, a change that was made on August 1. Users can now use reading levels to filter search results or perform an advanced search.  This includes filtering results by Interest Levels, ATOS Levels, Lexile Measures or Text Difficulty.

Several updates occurred in June, including users now have a Rated Titles page, located under the Bookshelf.  This allows users to easily see and keep track of their rated titles.

Be sure to periodically check the Recent Updates Page to help you and your patrons stay up-to-date on the changes with OverDrive!

– Pam, Baldwin Library