Digital vs. Physical Items in Catalog

One of our avid patrons regularly checks her account for items currently checked out, and the addition of Overdrive digital items is great, but potentially confusing.  The catalog now allows people to sort physical vs. digital items — and gives a subtotal of each type of item.


The default setting lists all items intermingled in a list, but you can choose to sort this list.   

It’s nice that digital items are now listed, but it can be maddening if you only want to know your physical items.  For example, sometimes you just need to know if you have to search all of the crevices in your car, look behind the bed again, or dig through your child’s sticky backpack!  And you know you can safely ignore the Overdrive titles that will automatically be returned, so you definitely don’t want to take time to mistakenly look for those.

 To change the setting to sort physical vs. digital items 

  • Log in to your account in the Catalog. 
  • Choose Account in the upper right (it might be the menu icon with the three horizontal bars). 
  • Choose Profile. 
  • Choose About Me. 
  • Choose the option labeled “E-Content Checkouts and Holds“. 

 Choose either:  

  • Show With Physical Items (this intermingles all of your items and is the default)
    … or …  
  • Separated from Physical Items (this sorts physical vs. digital – the sections are marked with gray boxes). 

digital vs physical items screenshots

Christy Barowich

Carnegie Library of McKeesport


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  1. Charlene Taylor

    Thank you. I was a bit annoyed by it myself when I logged in from home.

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