Learn a New Language with Mango!


We are moving into the new year, and people are making their travel plans.  It is fun and helpful to know at least a little of the language of the country they want to visit.

Help your patrons learn a new language with our Mango Languages online learning resource.  Mango Languages is linguist-approved interactive learning software that teaches practical conversation while being fun and encouraging.

Patrons can get started by either  creating an account – or just using Mango as a guest.  Encourage your patron to create an account, because it offers progress tracking.


Patrons can choose from over 70 languages – from Spanish to Swahili, English to Icelandic, and Shakespeare to Pirate – covering just about everyone’s language and cultural curiosities.  Here is the list of 72 languages currently offered through the library and Mango.

As noted above, English courses are included.   More than one in five U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home, and nearly 22 percent require development in their English skills.   Mango offers a complete English learning experience that is easy to follow and fully narrated in the learner’s native language.  This can be a critical resource for non-English-speaking patrons.

Because patrons like the convenience of using mobile apps.  Mango has a mobile app that offers patrons a remote, anytime-anywhere learning experience.

Mango is a wonderful learning resource offered by the library.  Its fun and free with a valid library card.  Introduce your patrons to Mango.  They will love it.


Lisa D., Upper St. Clair Library