I’m in the Mood for…

Whatever book I want!  Try the new Appeal Mixer in NoveList Plus, our fiction and non-fiction readers advisory (and more) e-resource.  The Appeal Mixer generates a book-list that suits the reader’s mood by allowing them to select and personalize these key literary elements:

  • Character
  • Illustration
  • Pace
  • Story-line
  • Tone
  • Writing Style

Choose a character that is quirky, a story-line that is unconventional, and a writing style that is lush- it’s up to you!  The Appeal Mixer can create a variety of combinations to help find the perfect read.

appeal mixer

NoveList Plus also has Appeal Combos ready if you would rather browse.  Amusing & Likeable, World-building & Atmospheric, and Journalistic & Compelling are examples of the exciting genre and appeal mixing reading lists awaiting lucky readers!

For help, download the free guide and watch a tutorial on “How to Match Readers and Books using Appeal” and check out the glossary of Appeal Terms.

NoveList Plus has many other wonderful features including:

  • Author Read-alikes
  • Book Reviews
  • Reading  and Award Lists
  • Lists of Titles in a Series

Since NoveList Plus covers fiction and non-fiction, it is perfect for almost all Library patrons!

Rob Kalchthaler – Bethel Park Public Library