Changes to PowerLibrary Databases

At the end of July, there will be changes to the databases offered by Pennsylvania’s PowerLibrary. Below is a list of new databases, as well as a list of databases that will expire at the end of July.

The Digital Resources Committee’s (DRC) Database Subcommittee will be reviewing the new resources and will make determinations about changes in the resources we currently offer to our patrons so as to not overlap content with the new set of PowerLibrary databases. Stay tuned to the Virtual Lexicon for updates to the database lineup and training information for the new resources. All of the current databases are on our countywide database page.  This website will reflect the PowerLibrary changes as they occur.

If you are interested in being a part of the DRC’s Database Subcommittee and helping with this evaluation and transition period, please contact me at

New E-Resource Subscriptions (starting in July 2018):

  1. Gale Academic OneFile
  2. Gale Business Insights: Essentials
  3. Gale Kids InfoBits
  4. Gale InfoTrac Student Edition
  5. Gale General OneFile
  6. Gale Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (GREENR)
  7. Gale Research in Context
  8. Gale InfoTrac Newsstand
  9. Gale Educator’s Reference Complete
  10. Gale Books & Authors
  11. Gale Informe Academico
  12. Gale LitFinder

Expiring E-Resource Subscriptions (these will expire on July 31, 2018):

  1. EBSCO Academic Search Main Edition
  2. EBSCO Business Source Main Edition
  3. EBSCO Explora Elementary
  4. EBSCO Explora Middle School
  5. EBSCO Explora High School
  6. EBSCO Explora Public Library
  7. EBSCO GreenFile
  9. EBSCO MasterFile Main Edition
  10. EBSCO Middle Search Main Edition
  11. EBSCO Newspaper Source Plus
  12. EBSCO Newswires
  13. EBSCO Primary Search Main Edition
  14. EBSCO Teacher Reference Center
  15. EBSCO Web News
  16. ProQuest SIRS Discoverer

Continuing E-Resource Subscriptions (these will not expire this summer):

  1. AP Images
  2. EBSCO Consumer Health
  3. EBSCO eBooks
  4. EBSCO Science Reference Center
  5. Gale Contemporary Authors
  6. Rosen Cyber Smarts
  7. Scholastic BookFlix
  8. Scholastic TrueFlix

~ Hilary Lewis Lackner, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh