Halloween hoopla


In the next few days as patrons are scrambling for last minute scaresrlj_rut764700_270, remind them of the wide range of horror films ALWAYS available on hoopla!

Horror categories include (but not limited to) Satanic, Slashers, Vampires and even Comedic.

Classics such as Children of the Corn, You’re Next, Hellraiser, Scream, Scary Movie, and Plan 9 From Outer Space are waiting to terrify your patrons!


Hoopla also has seasonal music: Adults, Parties, and Movie Soundtracks.

Listen to the Theme from Halloween if you want scary ambience or Monster Mash for the little kids!

Whether you are looking for fright or fun, hoopla has something for everyone this Halloween!

Rob Kalchthaler / Bethel Park Public Library