Get Informed with GREENR!


Do you wish you knew more about what is going on with the fires in California? Well now thanks to the PA POWER Library we have a great resource to help us! GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) is one of the new databases brought to us by the state. GREENR has news, background information, video, primary source documents, and statistics on energy systems, healthcare, climate change, and economic development (just to name a few).


GREENR grants your patrons the ability to browse interdisciplinary research from 15 different fields of study all in one sitting. Your patrons can simply choose to watch the Featured Video right on the main page or search for a specific case study on greenhouse gas emissions.

GREENR Case Studies

My favorite aspect from GREENR is the interactive map on the home page. You can choose an area of the world and take a look at some quick facts about that area’s environment. You can learn things like the ecological footprint, number of threatened species, and emissions of Co2 for example. For academic purposes though I highly recommend searching through the academic journals and news offered on the main page.

GREENR Journals 2


Keep both yourself and your patrons informed with GREENR from Gale!

~ Adrianne Krings, Northland Public Library