Full Text Articles in Gale’s OneFile and Ebsco’s MasterFile

I am a fan of databases that provide full text coverage of journal articles.  When helping patrons locate articles on a given topic, it is always a relief to access a full text article rather than an abstract citation.

Two good databases that offer access to full text journal articles are, Gale’s General OneFile and Ebsco’s MasterFile Premier.  The state provides funding for Allegheny County’s access to General OneFile.  Access to MasterFile Premier expired on December 31, 2018.  Both databases provide access to full text articles from general interest periodicals.  Although, a few minor differences exist between them.  In some cases, MasterFile offers more comprehensive full text coverage than OneFile- if only by a few years.

Full Text Coverage                  Gale’s OneFile                    Ebsco’s MasterFile Premier

American History                   1998 to present                 1994 to present

Autoweek                                  2002 to present                 1996 to present

Wilson Quarterly                    1993 to present                 1990 to present


And in other cases, MasterFile offers full text coverage of titles that OneFile does not.

Gale’s OneFile                     Ebsco’s MasterFile Premier

Rolling Stone                             no full text coverage           1990 to present

Sports Illustrated                     no full text coverage          1992 to present

Time                                             no full text coverage           1990 to present

Conversely, OneFile provides access to information in different formats that MasterFile does not.  These formats include transcripts and video of news programs from the BBC, NPR, and CNN.

Over time, it will be interesting to watch these databases and see how their holdings evolve, and the types of options each database offers.

Kate Straccia, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main
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