Books & Authors and non-fiction read-a-likes

I tend to read a lot of non-fiction, so I am always interested in resources that provide read-a-like suggestions for non-fiction titles, like Gale’s Books & Authors.  I decided to look for read-a-likes based on true crime title that I enjoyed, Midnight in Peking by Paul French.

midnight in peking search

Books & Authors provides information including a synopsis of the plot, information about the author, book reviews, and read-a-like suggestions.  In this case, it suggests Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann as a read-a-like.  I have not yet read this recommended title, but it is a good bet that Books & Authors is a useful tool for generating read-a-likes for non-fiction readers.

Kate Straccia – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

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American Archive of Public Broadcasting

A wonderful resource available for free, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting has collected over 40,000 hours of clips (both video and audio) from public broadcasting programs of the last 60 years. A collaboration between the Library of Congress and WGBH (Boston’s PBS affiliate), AAPB has curated many “special collections” as well that focus on one topic or event.

Here’s a link out to their collection on the Stonewall Uprising, which includes an array of pertinent interview clips, as well as links to related resources.

This would be a great resource both for research requests (middle through high school and beyond) as well as integrating into programming to help introduce or supplement topics.

Here’s a screenshot of some suggested topics the AAPB covers:



Happy browsing!

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Anglophiles Rejoice – BBC now on Hoopla!

Are you an Anglophile? Do you find yourself whistling “Hail Britannia” on the bus? Do you insist on spelling “grey” with an “e”?

Well, now’s the time to join other lovers of England in celebrating BBC on Hoopla! Now you can binge watch popular shows like Cranford, Call the Midwife, or Upstairs Downstairs until your crisp British accent reaches peak perfection. Check out this link to the new featured collection and be sure to spread the word.


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