Two Sides to Every Story

At least!

It has been said our nation is currently being divided by politics.  What better time than now for us all to take a closer look at the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database?!

This eResource offers information from academic journals, among other quality sources, on opposing sides of current social issues being debated right now!  Recently updated topics include Vaccines and Impeachment.  These full-text articles provide the user with a variety of stances and pros and cons of an issue to enable a better understanding for an educated and informed debate.

opposing viewpoints college

Aside from the content, the database makes research easy by including citation tools, emailing and downloading features.

Marketing materials are also available such as flyers, bookmarks, and social media posts.

Before choosing a side based on an emotional or uninformed reason, it is important to view the issue from as many angles as possible. The Opposing Viewpoints in Context database can help us do that!

Rob Kalchthaler – Bethel Park Public Library