Creating Book Lists in “Books and Authors”

I really like the “My Reading Room” feature in “Books and Authors,” but I discovered that it is not very intuitive to navigate.  I wanted to create a book list; however, you can’t just click on the “My Book Lists” link and add titles.  You first have to search for a book and when you get the result, there is an option to “add to my marked list.”

Book search add to my marked list

Once you select the box, you can go to “My Reading Room” and see the book has been added to “My Marked List.”

view books in my marked list

From there you can create your own book lists.  (Of course, I had to repeat my initial steps to add a few more titles to My Marked List.)  You name your list, and then you are required to add a description.  I just re-typed the name of the list into the Description field.  Then you select the titles you would like to add to the list and click submit.

True Crime booklist

Now you can go to “My Reading Room Home” and see your book list.  Clicking on the title of your book list will display your books.

Titles in my Booklist

I hope you enjoy creating book lists in Books and Authors!

Kate Straccia, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Main

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