Common Sense Media Can Help


Common Sense Media is a great resource for helping patrons with making informed decisions about what media is appropriate for themselves and their families. Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that rates different types of media (games, movies, books and more) based on their content (violence, drug use, sexual content, etc.) This resource is excellent for patrons to utilize so that they can dig deeper into whether they would like to consume these different forms of information and entertainment. Parents and caregivers in particular may find this resource helpful in understanding an assessing the media that their children are coming into contact with and determining if it is appropriate.


Common Sense Media has an option at the top of the home page that allows you to choose either your media type or you can choose to look at all of the newest media reviews based on an age range. There is also a search function at the top of the page is a patron has a specific type of media in mind. “Parents Need to Know” is great section of the site for a parent or caregiver who has come into the library with concerns about both technology and different types of media – don’t forget this area when a stressed caregiver stops at your desk!

Common Sense Media also has areas for educators and advocates to help reaching larger communities. These tabs are worth looking into if your patrons are interested in Common Sense Media’s work in media and technology safety. Hopefully this resource helps both you and your patrons stay safe and happy!


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