Persuasive Essay Help – Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

In order to write a good persuasive essay, students need to understand all of the sides of their topic. It can be difficult, though, to find reliable, unbiased information on polarizing subjects. The library can help. Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints is a research tool that focuses on identifying and exploring all of the sides of important issues.

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Not sure how to find a topic of interest? Browsing issues is a good way to find a topic that meets the criteria for a persuasive essay assignment. opposing viewpoints 1

Once a topic is chosen, Opposing Viewpoints has many tools to help explore and learn about the issue.

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The text of the articles can be translated into over 35 languages, the font size of the text can be adjusted, and there is an option to listen to the articles. Articles can be printed, emailed or shared on a variety of platforms. There is also a highlighting and note taking function.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints can even help with source citation. Citing resources can always be a challenge – MLA, Chicago, & APA citation styles all require very specific notations and formatting. The Source Citation tool within the resource clearly shows the required citation style.

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All of the Gale In Context resources including Gale in Context: Biography, Gale in Context: US History, Gale In Context: World History, and Gale in Context: Middle School have the same search options and functionalities, so once you are familiar with one In Context resource, you will be able to easy work within the others.

Persuasive essays can be challenging, but with the right tools students can feel confident that their arguments are informed and credible.

~ Hilary Lewis, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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