Let Libby Magazines Support Your Amazing Summer

Do you have a summer bucket list this year? It’s a strange and unique summer for all but there are still plenty of ways to get your summer groove on and take advantage of a quieter pace. Magazines (and blogs and Instagram!) have always been a great source of inspiration for me; from projects to recipes to staycation ideas to cocktails to ways to make my home more amazing. Let Libby’s magazine collection support and inspire YOUR best summer! 

  • Get organized with the March issue of Good Housekeeping. While summer is not the ideal time to organize my basement (too hot down there!) I’ll be bookmarking this issue for the fall when I will definitely get to that project, I swear!
  • I bought a nice tabletop grill last summer, so learning to grill like a pro is on my list this year. Grill more than just a hamburger (though those are top notch grill-food!) with June’s issue of Food Network (it includes a delish-sounding meatless burger too!) Taste of Home’s June/July issue is also another grill-packed issue!
  • I have a LOT of yard – well, for me it’s a lot. And it’s all garden, no lawn. It’s quite a bit of work. HGTV’s July/August issue has some really helpful tips and info on summer plants and what gardening can look like during the summer months. Now where did I put my gardening gloves…
  • Because this season is so drastically different from other summers (for all of us!) why not embrace JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) and see what comes from slowing down? Frankly, I’ve always been more JOMO than FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out). The April issue of O The Oprah Magazine (written way before the pandemic!) has a great article on JOMO that just may help you enjoy a quieter, slower summer.
  • Many of our vacations will be postponed this year. It’s a rough reality. There’s hope though! The experts suggest camping! Now, that’s real social distancing! Outside Magazine’s May issue includes a delightful feature on this very thing: ‘The New Spirit of Camping: 50 Fresh Ideas for Life’s Ultimate Getaway.’ And when vacations are canceled, weekends and smaller road trips take a front row seat. Discover how to make the most of your weekend-getaways in the May/June issue of Backpacker.
  • If one of your goals this season (and let’s be honest, this is a life-long goal!) is to learn more about African American history and the history of racism in America, there are some really helpful recent articles that can get you started in your re-education. Try the 12/7/18 issue of Newsweek’s cover article: Yes, America is Racist. Now What?’ Or the 6/22 issue of The New Yorker (whose cover alone is worth checking out). 
  • One item on my bucket list (it’s on my list every season) is to establish a meditation/yoga practice. Yoga Journal is a super helpful resource in reiterating that yoga is for EVERY BODY. There’s a whole crop of new, different, diverse bodies sharing their love of yoga these days, and the March/April issue is all about those Next Gen Yogis.
  • Like everyone, I’ve been spending even more time outside these days. We’re enjoying our porches, patios, balconies and yards as much as we can! As these spaces become even more important for renewal and nourishment, check out Veranda and Backyard magazines (any issues!) for inspiration and ideas on how to make your outdoor spaces cozy, beautiful and welcoming.

Along with plenty ‘o books to keep your summer reading lists lengthy, Libby has such a great collection of magazines that can support all interests and bucket-listers! They’re easy to read too, right within the Libby app on your smart phone or iPad! Happy Summer!

  • Kelley, Cooper-Siegel Community Library
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