Post-Gazette full online access now available in-house!

You might have heard that we’ve signed a one year agreement with the Post-Gazette to allow in-library use of from now through July 28, 2021. Now that the paper version has cut back, I’m sure we’re all getting more questions about accessing the electronic Post-Gazette – so this will be good news for all.

Authentication is based on your library’s IP address (which means no remote access). Access is available within your IP range which may reach out to your parking lot depending on your WiFi signal. This means that patrons can bring a laptop or mobile device and access it as long as they are connected to the library WiFi…so from a distance for those who don’t want to come in, and after hours for night owls!

You should have full access to the articles on the website, as well as each days’ Online Edition, the link for which is under “Subscriber Services.”

The website has been tested from within various libraries, but please test it before putting the link on your website. We also recommend saying very clearly in your advertising that access is only available from within your library. I’m sure there will still be questions about why the link isn’t working remotely, but at least it will give you a point of reference if people ask!

Check out this link to try it out (if you’re at the library, that is!):

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