Start Off the New Year with A New Language

Things are still complicated but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a New Year’s Resolution for 2021. It is the Year of the Ox so change up the old saying up and grab the Ox by the horns and start studying a new language today! Mango Languages is a great way to study a new language now so when the world opens back up you are all set to go – all you will need to do is pack your bags!

Mango Languages offers over 70 languages to learn including some of the most widely spoken languages like Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Mango Languages utilizes native speakers to help learners hear the nuances in pronunciation and helpful breakdowns of conversational language. The classes are also broken down into helpful chapters that highlight the learning topics so if you just need a refresher on how to ask directions in French you can easily look through the French classes for the chapter on Directions!

Be prepared to get out there and take the trip of your dreams when the world opens back up by brushing up on all the languages you may need now with Mango Languages!

감사합니다 (Thank you)

Adrianne, Northland Public Library