Children’s picture book supplements

One aspect of pandemic-era library services that is here to stay is contactless pick-up. Patrons will continue to enjoy the convenience aspect of this kind of service. Many libraries are not only circulating materials this way, but also having take-home crafts and activities for all ages that patrons can pick up and complete at their convenience.

At South Park, we’ve had great success with our “subscription bags” program for children, where staff members choose a selection of books based on a child’s interests. We’ve been including small crafts and activities in these bags as much as we can. A few resources have been helpful in providing activities that go along with books in the collection.

Sourcebooks has put together activity sheets for a number of their picture book titles, focused mostly on children’s, but there are young adult and adult options as well. These can be printed out and included in bags with the appropriate book—an easy and fun way to expand on a title.

There is also a curated list put together by Theme Park Professor that has many Disney-related activity sheets. These can be thrown in with the corresponding movie or picture book versions.

Jeff, South Park

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