Merck Manuals

Merck Manuals, along with MedlinePlus and the Mayo Clinic, is one of my favorite places for accurate health information from a respected organization. Luckily we have one-click access to the Merck Manuals through our eLibrary home.

The landing page for Merck provides access to three different manuals – professional, consumer, and veterinary. While the professional manual might not be as easy to read for the average person, it is a nice option to have for a person who might be looking for a more in-depth explanation of their health conditions.

Once in the consumer version, you are presented with a few different options. At the top you will find a search box along with tabs for the most popular items that patients would want to explore – health topics, symptoms, emergencies, drug info, and more. There are also quick links along the side.

If you are looking for a reliable and easy to navigate site for health information for your patrons you should definitely become familiar with Merck Manuals.

Tracy — Monroeville Public Library