I Love the Movies!

I love to go to the movies…the darkness, shared experience, huge screen, popcorn…need I go on. So, needless to say, two of my favorite web sites are IMDB.com and Kids-In-Mind. No easier way for me to waste time than watching endless trailers, seeing what other movies an actor is in, etc.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is fabulous. It provides very detailed information about movies and television shows. In a few clicks, you can find out if a film is based on a book or was an original screen play, who directed the film and what other projects they have been involved in, read trivia and significant quotes, find out where it was filmed, the list goes on.

I used Kids-In-Mind a lot more when my son was young. It helped me decide which movies I felt were appropriate (or not) in a way that didn’t pass judgement or promote any agenda. They provide a three-part score for sex & nudity, violence & gore, and language using a ten-point scale. Each of those categories is then described in detail so the user knows exactly what to expect from the movie. For example, each occurrence of swearing is listed in context.

I hope you enjoy getting lost on these sites as much as I do. Have you seen a good movie lately?

Lisa Akenhead – Northland Public Library

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Libby on Kindle Fire – yes it’s possible! (with some disclaimers…)

There’s been a lot of concern about the sunsetting classic Overdrive app, and the fact that Libby is not yet available on some devices, particularly Kindle Fire.

However, Kindle Fire users can now sideload Libby onto their device manually with the APK (Android Package file). Once the APK is installed, the Libby app will appear and function like any other app on their tablet.

Be forewarned – this librarian has attempted the download with four different devices. On two it worked, on two it did not (very possibly because they were just too old to be compatible). And even when it does work, the process is definitely tricky. But it is an option for users who can’t get Libby through their appstore. Worth a try!

Head over to this link for Overdrive’s step-by-step explanation of how this back-door download works.

The Libby App for Kindle Fire Tablets | by OverDrive

– Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library

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Back to School – First Day Confidence

Starting school can be nerve wracking for any age, but it’s especially hard for the littles. Hoopla has put together a wonderful collection to help your kiddos start school with courage and poise. Below are some of my favorites to read in storytime! So grab your library card, a reading device and cuddle up on the couch for wonderful read-aloud books!

Back to school with Confidence

Gabi – Robinson Library

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Back to Elementary School with hoopla

The beginning of the school year is a whirlwind for everyone. Students have growing reading goals, parents have busy schedules, and teachers are always planning their next lesson. In other words: there’s a lot of hoopla surrounding a brand new school year, especially for young readers.

So, how do you contend with the hoopla? Hoopla!

Yes, this is the hoopla we’ve been excited about.

Hoopla makes finding the digital resources you need easy for everyone!

With their timely and convenient Back to School Collection, finding eBooks for elementary students is a breeze. Hoopla’s curated selections of #BacktoSchool eBooks puts everything in one place — like this collection of Back to School Confidence eBooks, helpful for those students (…and parents…and teachers) who are looking to muster a little extra self-assurance to start the new school year strong.

Photo by SurveyHacks

Start exploring hoopla today and find exactly what you’re looking for! All you need to get started is your library card.

Derek, South Park Township Library

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