Classic Overdrive App is going, going…no, REALLY going this time!

The classic OverDrive app’s sunset date has been pushed back to the end of April 2023. In the weeks before, current in-app messaging will be updated to give users a final reminder to switch to Libby. After the OverDrive app is sunset, users who try to access your library’s collection in the OverDrive app will see a message, informing them they now must upgrade to Libby in order to access the collection.

Note that while Amazon has not yet accepted the submission of the Libby app to the Amazon Appstore, users with Kindle Fire devices can also sideload Libby manually by visiting the below link. In this librarian’s experience, this works about 9 out of 10 times (the exception being on Kindle Fire devices that are too old to be compatible).

The Libby App for Kindle Fire Tablets | by OverDrive

In addition, users have been asking if the RTL (Request to Library) feature, allowing patrons to request items be added to the collection that are currently not owned, will be added to Libby. The good news has been announced that Libby will soon release a new feature for users to discover and share interest in titles that are not yet in the library’s collection. This feature will fulfill a top request from users and provide powerful tools to evaluate your community’s reading interests. Stay tuned for this new update coming soon!

— Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library