Exciting Libby News 

On March 21st Libby will be getting a shiny new update for libraries and their patrons to enjoy! This news means that Libby is introducing two new features called deep search and notify me. The deep search feature will allow patrons to find more titles, ones that may not be in the library’s collection yet. And Notify Me tag is actually a part of the tags feature that already exists within Libby now!  

Deep search will allow everyone to see titles that may not be in the collection. Once you find something you are interested in but is not in the collection you can then use the Notify Me tag to let the libraries know you are interested in that title. And in turn if that title is added you will then be notified of its addition so that you can read or listen to that title! 

This does mean that the Recommend to Library feature that some people may be familiar with is officially going away. This is going hand in hand with the OverDrive App’s formal sunset at the end of April.  

So, this is a good time to remind everyone – if you are still using the OverDrive App and have not yet switched to the Libby App – now is the time! OverDrive will be going away officially at the end of April along with its Recommend to Library feature but fear not Libby will still be here with its handy new deep search and Notify Me tags to help us meet your library needs! 

P.S. For those not yet familiar with Libby’s tag feature please take a peak at their handy help page here all about tags and how to use them: https://help.libbyapp.com/en-us/categories/tags.htm . And to get more familiar with Libby please don’t forget to checkout https://libbyapp.com/library/acla .

Happy Reading  


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