New feature now available in Libby!

One of the most often requested updates to Overdrive’s app Libby is now available – to request titles not yet owned by your home library, right in the app! This update includes two features called “Deep Search” and “Notify Me.”

Deep Search allows you to discover titles that are not yet in your library’s collection. Expanded search results will show when:

·        You search for something that returns no results, or

·        Your search results contain fewer than 100 titles and you manually turn on a filter called “Deep Search.” Libby will then show results not owned by your home library.

You can also add a “Notify Me” tag to titles that are not in your library’s collection. If your library purchases a title you have tagged, you will get a notification with the option to borrow (if available) or place a hold on the new item.

Watch this video from Libby on how this updated feature works!

Please Note: Users who previously accessed a similar feature called “Recommend to Library”  in the classic Overdrive app or website will note that this option will be ending in April 2023, along with the discontinuation of the classic Overdrive app. Be sure to update to the Libby app or link to to keep accessing your library’s collection and to use the new features available for title suggestions.

— Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library

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Professional Development with WebJunction

No matter how long you have worked in a library there are always new things to learn. Many of us are able to go to state and national library conferences, but many are not. And while there are many free webinars available sometimes you want to learn at your own pace in and in your own time. A great source for this is Web Junction.

There are many great articles, webinars and trainings available to all of your staff including volunteers. You can look at past and upcoming webinars, the course catalog or search by topic.

To take advantage of this great resource all you have to do is sign up for a free account. You then all set to start exploring and enhancing your career!

Tracy – Monroeville Public Library

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Celebrate Women’s History Month with Gale!

March is Women’s History Month and if you’re looking for an educational, passive activity to share with your patrons, then Gale has got you covered with a themed scavenger hunt

Patrons can search the Gale in Context: World History database for the answers to a five-question quiz. Along the way, participants will explore a wide breadth of information and practice their research skills. Gale offers information in a variety of formats ranging from images to academic journals, and this scavenger hunt highlights the database’s offerings.  

To add a bit of extra fun, consider offering an incentive to those who complete the scavenger hunt, such as a bookmark or small treat. If patrons inquire, Gale has included an answer sheet for the scavenger hunt. 

-Erin Weaver, Bridgeville Public Library 

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Taxes and Consumer Reports

Tax time is upon us and if you’re lucky, you’ll be getting a refund. If you are looking for some guidance in spending that money, look no further than Consumer Reports.

Maybe you’re going to put the money towards a new vehicle – Consumer Reports can help with that. Perhaps your spending will be a bit more modest and you’ll get a new espresso machine – again, Consumer Reports has unbiased ratings on the best product for your caffeine fix.

Consumer Reports may be accessed through the eLibrary link. The list of resources is in alphabetical order so scroll down to Consumer Reports. You will need to enter your library card number if you are using it from home. Once you connect, simply enter the type of product you are looking for in the search window and press ENTER. Full text articles, charts, graphs, and ratings guides will load for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local library for assistance.

Lisa @ Northland Public Library

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