It’s (Always) a Great Time for Consumer Reports

Seasonal purchases. We all have to make them some time. A new string trimmer in the spring, a new air conditioner in anticipation of a hot summer. Don’t forget that you’re in need of a new grill and *BAM*, you’ve already made a list of big commitment purchases.

But this isn’t an advertisement for your local hardware store, oh no. This is a little friendly advice: use Consumer Reports to perform your due diligence before you buy.

As consumer advocates, Consumer Reports publishes their own product testing and consumer-oriented research. Which means you’ll find:

  • Product overviews
  • User reviews
  • Ratings
  • Prices
  • Where to buy
  • Reliability standards
  • Performance scores
  • Safety features
  • So much more

You’ll get all the information on product features and specifications you could hope for. Consumer Reports will be the perfect tool for comparing value and quality among the many brands and styles while in search of that new string trimmer.

If you’re thinking: “Prices and specifications are neat and all, but I’m not an expert in buying lawn care equipment. I don’t even know what to look for in a proper string trimmer!”

Consumer Reports provides a buying guide for every kind of product they review. This is where they explain how they test products, what you should look for to find the product to fit your needs, and things to consider before you buy.

Example of a consumer need: Some people just prefer the smell of two-cycle first thing in the morning.

If you’re wondering: “Is it just appliances n’at?” Great question.

Once you start browsing Consumer Reports, you’ll also notice they have a report on just about everything your money can buy. And I mean everything. Athletic shoes, cars, car wax, diapers, glues, smart watches…

Are you going to make a joke about Consumer Reports even having a report about the kitchen si-

Thanks for setting that up for me.

The bottom line is: Consumer Reports will help you save money. It will help you find something that lasts. It will help you find the right product to fit your needs. Of course, if you ever need help using Consumer Reports, reach out to your local library!

— Derek, South Park Township Library