Summer Travel’s Best Friend – Hoopla Bonus Borrows

This summer is sure to be a busy one whether you are planning a big vacation with the whole family or a staycation all to yourself. Don’t worry though because Hoopla’s Bonus Borrows will be there to save the day. When you know you are going to hit your 15 Hoopla borrows too quick during that long car or plane rid Hoopla’s Bonus Borrows are there in a pinch, so pick from the Bonus Borrows list and settle in with a new read, listen, or watch (they have movies and tv shows on these lists too).

Maybe you are looking for something a little more specific – don’t worry there are Bonus Borrow collections curated to lots of tastes! A list for all the romantics out there called The Happily Ever After Bonus Borrow collection is just one option out there. Hoopla also has Bonus Borrows for teens (Teen Scene), a list for thrill seekers (Uncover the Thrills), and even a collection for all of us still thirsting few new knowledge (Bonus Borrows NonFiction).

Summer is sure to be full of fun with Hoopla’s Bonus Borrows!

-Adrianne, Northland Public Library