Mystery in the Library

I have always been a lover of mystery stories from my first Encyclopedia Brown books to the Shetland series by Anne Cleeves. Before Covid I had gotten away from reading mysteries though. With the lockdown that all changed. I started reading every cozy mystery I could find on Libby. For me, mysteries were something solid and reassuring because the criminal always gets caught and justice is served!

In my quest to read as many cozy mysteries as I could, I knew I needed help with finding the best matches for my tastes. That is when I discovered Cozy Mystery List. This has become my one-stop shop for all things cozy. It’s a great resource for learning about new authors, series lists and even finding cozies by theme (i.e., animal, cooking, profession). There is even a list of cozy TV and movie mysteries.

Whether for a patron or for yourself, be sure to check out Cozy Mystery List!

Tracy – Monroeville Public Library