Promoting eMagazines with Your Print Collection

A simple way to promote eMagazines is along with your actual print display.  Many of the magazines that we have in print are also available through Overdrive and Zinio.  Our library has placed a small sign with each magazine on display that may also be checked out in a digital format.  For those patrons who love eMagazines this is a nice reminder that their favorite magazines may also be found on their device.  For those patrons who are unaware of eMagazines it’s an eye-opener. Download an easy template HERE.


Other marketing and promotional resources and templates may also be found at the Overdrive site —





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Coming Soon to OverDrive

We’ve got a holiday treat in store for our patrons!  Before the end of the year, they will be able to discover, browse, and checkout magazines and even some newspapers through OverDrive and the new Library Catalog.  Here are a few of the new titles we’ll be offering:

To read borrowed periodicals, patrons will either need the free NOOK app installed on a compatible device (Android phone/tablet, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Windows 8 computer/tablet), or a compatible NOOK tablet.  As with the Zinio and Freegal apps, downloading to a Kindle Fire is possible, but not as straightforward as other devices.  Those apps are not available through the Amazon App store.  But don’t worry, we’re working on instructions to help you walk patrons with those devices through the process.

Here’s what else you need to know about OverDrive Periodicals:

  • Only the current issue is available to download.  This differs from Zinio, in which back issues are available.  However, like Zinio, once an issue is downloaded patrons can keep it for as long as they like.
  • Patrons can check out as many magazines as they would like. There are no loan limits for this format and they do not count against a patron’s checkout limit for other formats available in OverDrive.
  • Some titles have a circulation cap for each issue.  If an issue reaches its circulation cap there will be a message indicating it is no longer available.  We do not anticipate that this will pose a problem in most cases, but please email Sarah Beasley if patrons ask or comment about current issues no longer being available.
  • The OverDrive help pages offer additional information about using OverDrive periodicals.  There’s a helpful introductory video and  step-by-step instructions for downloading and using the Nook app.

We are also continuing our subscription to Zinio.  However, there will be some changes in the titles that are available.  We’ve added some great new content, including some titles especially for children (with two in Spanish!):

Some titles have been pulled from Zinio for Libraries by the publishers,  we have canceled some subscriptions that were not popular, and we are shifting some titles from Zinio to OverDrive.  In addition, the most popular titles will be found in both OverDrive and Zinio.  For a complete list of 2016 titles in Zinio and OverDrive, including information about canceled titles and titles that are exclusive in each, visit our Digital Magazine Title List 2016.

Happy Reading!

Charmaine (CLP)

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New Details About the Zinio Update

Today we learned a few new details about the March 10th update to Zinio, as well as some future enhancements to look forward to.

As you hopefully all know by now, the major change will be the elimination of the two-account sign-in process. Patrons will no longer need to login twice or access the Zinio consumer site to complete the check-out process and read their titles. All of their browsing and check-out activity will take place on our Zinio for Libraries site.Here are the details that are new (or clarified):

  • Our Zinio site will have messaging notifying patrons about the new app. (This is a completely different app from the current Zinio app, so there will not be an update notification for people who have already downloaded the existing app.)
  • The first time patrons sign in using the new app they will be prompted to select their country, state, and library.  We will be listed as “Pittsburgh Area Libraries (Allegheny County).”  After that step they will be prompted to select their specific library.  Users will only need to do this the first time they log in.
  • According to our rep, the iPad app is also for iPhone. However, the test site for the new Zinio for Libraries page lists the newly available apps as iPad and Android.  Hopefully they will change the wording to add iPhone to the list before the March 10th launch date, but we wanted to let you know, just in case.

Here’s what else we already shared about the update:

And finally, here’s what near-future enhancements we can look forward to:

  • By the end of March online reading should be possible on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablets.  Patrons will be able to immediately start reading their magazines in their browsers as long as they are connected to the internet. For offline reading they will still need to download the magazines.
  • A device detector will also be added at the end of the month, making it even easier for patrons to complete the check-out, downloading, and reading process.
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‘Tis the Holiday Season!




Get your users into the holiday spirit and share a reminder that your digital collection is available even when the library is closed. Are all your books on holiday baking checked out? Need some materials to read while waiting at the airport for your weather-delayed plane? Going on a long road trip? Don’t forget the sleighful of downloadable materials, many of which are immediately available.

Wrapping gifts? Use Freegal and type in search term “Christmas” to retrieve all types of Christmas music. Download Christmas tunes by Tropical Steel Band to get you in a festive mood. Or Perry Como’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Don’t want to put on your boots to get a holiday dvd? With Hoopla, you can get instant dvd’s. See the categories of “Festive Holiday Flicks and “Holidays with a Heart”. Hoopla also has holiday music.

Going on a long road trip to grandma’s house? Use OverDrive to download audiobooks to keep everyone entertained.

OverDrive also provides downloadable marketing for their collection. Check out their Winter Promo Pack for fun holiday social media graphics, print-ready flyers to display, and promotional materials.*





Need some light reading to wile away the time spent waiting in an airport lounge? Don’t forget to use Zinio to download the latest edition of your favorite magazine.

And, best of all, It’s all FREE!!

Karen (Northland)

* Hoopla, Freegal, Zinio and OneClick all have marketing materials too!  Questions about getting print marketing materials? Contact Sarah Beasley for more information.

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